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August 1, 2013
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Baby Kaiju Adoptables - Name You Price (OPEN) by starscreamfan10100 Baby Kaiju Adoptables - Name You Price (OPEN) by starscreamfan10100
I got bored so I decided to make some of my own baby Kaijus from the movie 'Pacific Rim'. I hope they're ok for a first try at decent digital art.

I decided to make these a name your price adopt but I am hoping to get at least 20 points for them since I made the lineart and design myself (and it wasn't easy). Please keep in mind that it is technically my first time doing something like this. And please be nice with the offer. You can only adopt 1 so you can give other people a chance.

If you would like to adopt one then please comment below with a price and I'll get back to you. Please do not send the points until I tell say you can, then please send them to my donation pool.

Once you adopt you will only own the character since the Kaijus belong to their rightful owners of the 'Pacific Rim'. If you draw a picture then I only ask that you credit me for the design/lineart. When you are finished I would love to see what you have done with it.

You can decide the gender, name, bio etc for yourself.

I am hopefully looking to be making more designs if these two sell well so look out for more. As far as I know, these are the only Kaiju up for adoption.

Thank you.

Lineart + design (c) ~starscreamfan10100 (ME)
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